I am running QGIS 2.8.9 and I am currently displaying a line that varies in 
thickness along its length. The entire line is made up of many smaller lines 
each having a different thickness. It was added using a csv file using a WKT 
column that contained the information necessary to make the lines. These 
smaller lines all have different thicknesses corresponding to a numeric value 
that had been previously calculated in the csv file.

This all works as it should.

My problem is that I now want to have this change at different times when I use 
the time manager. In other words, I want the thickness of each line to change 
from one week to another. The csv file has a start time and an end time as 
shown below in columns "Timestamp", and "End Time". The first column contains 
the numbers that I want to indicate the thickness.

Expected             x                              y                           
                                             Timestamp                End Time
0.0001109            -1247455.1          1419954.2            
LineString(-1247455.1 1419954.2, -1247455.2 1419954.3)                 4/1/2016 
6:00        4/8/2016 6:00
0.004392              -1247455.2          1419954.3            
LineString(-1247455.2 1419954.3, -1247571 1419993)                        
4/1/2016 6:00        4/8/2016 6:00

After 4/8/2016 6:00 there are different values for the thickness of the lines 
that I want displayed. These are lower down in the same file. I show a sample 
of what would be in the csv file at this point below:

Expected             x                              y                           
                                             Timestamp                End Time
0.002145              -1247455.1          1419954.2            
LineString(-1247455.1 1419954.2, -1247455.2 1419954.3)                 4/8/2016 
6:00        4/15/2016 6:00
0.003391              -1247455.2          1419954.3            
LineString(-1247455.2 1419954.3, -1247571 1419993)                        
4/8/2016 6:00        4/15/2016 6:00

Each new week, all columns except the first column remain exactly the same, 
because all I want to do is have the thickness of the line segments change with 

I tried to do this by opening the time manager and adding a layer. I set the 
start time as the "Timestamp" column and the end time as the "End Time" column. 
I am trying to make QGIS display one thickness for the first week and then show 
the second thickness for the second week and so on.

I would have expected this to work, but instead the layer doesn't show up on 
the map at all after doing this.

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong or how I could possibly 
resolve this issue?


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