I downloaded the raster at this site:
(scroll down about halfway to find the raster link. The file is kind of big, ArcGIS says the uncompressed size is 5.69 GB, 225 MB as a zip) and loaded it into QGIS as a standalone raster file. It is a raster of Oklahoma, USA classified into vegetation types at 10mx10m resolution.

It is saved as ERDAS Imagine, if I understand the extension. I don't know if the file type is relevant to the issues I am running into.

When the file is open in QGIS, the min and max pixel values have a smaller range, 314 - 14797, than when the file is open in ArcGIS, 207 - 15516. I can redraw the raster in ArcGIS to "Unique" instead of "Stretched" pixel values in the Symbology, which will then give me classifications for the pixels. Additionally, the CRS is USER:100002 in QGIS, but Albers Conical Equal Area in QGIS. Why does this difference in rendering happen? How can I get QGIS to render the file with the same characteristics as ArcGIS automatically? I know I can save with a new CRS to fix that issue, but if the file can load in ArcGIS with the CRS from the start, shouldn't QGIS render it the same? I don't know how to get the pixel values to the same range or how to get the classifications assigned.


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