hi folks,
i would like to make some raster-based leaflet/openlayers web maps for a couple of projects i'm working on at the moment and would appreciate some suggestions on the best way to go about it.

the projects are both small, the largest is 2km x 2km, with zoom from 15-23 required. they are stored in postgis and spatialite databases.

i have tried qtiles and qmetatiles (a fork of qtiles), but both suffer from the same buggy rendering artefacts at zoom levels greater than 20. does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives? it need not be a qgis solution, i'm willing to consider something which connects directly to the databases. a mapnik render-on-request stack is probably more complicated than i'm willing to do. someone suggested using gdal2tiles, but i didn't get very far when i investigated, it appeared vastly more complicated than necessary the more i dug into it; that may be a consequence of my lack of knowledge.

i also tried qgis2web, but the qtwebkit bug discounts that tool.


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