I have a couple of questions about the "Time Manager" plugin - firstly
Is this the right place for me to post them to?
This is the first of a couple of questions I have, so please redirect me
to the correct place if this is not it.

My first question is concerning the "Offset" field when adding layers.
I have a dataset I want to step through in years showing data for
current year and previous year.
I can do this, by setting the offset for the 'previous' year
as 32000000.  I am guessing that the offset is in seconds (there are
about 32 million seconds in a year)  

*  Is my guess correct that the offset is in seconds?
*  Can I change the unit of the offset (I would like to use years)?
*  If the offset can only be entered in seconds, I will improve my
approximation of 32 million seconds, but what do I do about leap years?

Many thanks,
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