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Could it be EPSG 2163?


Use a background to see if that's it.  You can use the open layer plugin. Be 
careful, that plugin will change the project CRS.  You can change it back or 
you can make sure "crs on the fly " is activated.  


If that is not it.  Right click on the layer and redefine the layer CRS, then 
zoom to extent.



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What CRS in Qgis project properties should I select in order to work with an 
Arc/Info binary coverage? 


A readme file in the coverage says this:


                          COORDINATE SYSTEM DESCRIPTION



Datum                     NAD83

Units                    METERS             Spheroid         DEFINED

Major Axis        6370997.00000             Minor Axis       0.00000


radius of the sphere of reference                      6370997.00000

longitude of center of projection                      -100  0  0.00

latitude of center of projection                        45  0  0.000

false easting (meters)                                       0.00000

false northing (meters)                                      0.00000


Yes, I am a newbie!


Frank Reichenbacher

Scottsdale, Arizona

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