I'm working on a [road] line layer and changing the geometry so that it
matches the aerial image. I can make some changes and save them, but then
suddenly I can't save anymore changes.
In the yellow line at the top of the canvas it says Commit Errors: Could
not commit changes to layer [road]. When I click the 'show more' it simply
says 'Errors: ERROR: [x] geometries not changed'

I can shut QGIS down and restart it. Then I still cannot change that last
geometry that caused the issue, but I can change others until I get that
message again. I have rebooted my machine and I made a little more progress
but still come up against the error.

My research in stack exchange yielded nothing in relation to SQL server,
but I asked our IT to have a look at the logs anyway. They said there was
nothing in the SQL logs either.

I am using QGIS 2.14.4 and this particular table is on a SQL server.

Any ideas?
Johanna Botman
GIS / Assets Officer

Griffith City Council
Ph: 02 6962 8168
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