I've tried this on:

 * 2.14.6 on Windows
 * 2.16.3 on Linux
 * Master on Linux

Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zg8miobad8ax0ef/AABXzPzTd8920I248_IprKjba?dl=0

I have a raster and polygons. All matching in projection. M one worry is the raster is a float32 tiff and something it wrong with it. I didn't create the raster but I am trying to help someone work their way through this exercise for a College Class.

When I use the processing tool to clip the raster with the vector I get an output image that in the legend shows the values as being nan - which I guess is null. No matter what I do - there is no clip. Just a large image that is black or nan (null).

Thoughts? I'm stuck. I don't know if I'm seeing a bug or I've got a bad image. The person originally working through this said it all works correctly with 2.8 (but I haven't attempted that version as of yet).


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