Bonnet Clothilde wrote
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> So, I wondered if the conversion of DWG file into SHP file using the
> following pathway, could induced some modifications in the rendering ?
> step 1: convert DWG file into DXF file with DrafSight software
> step 2: convert DXF file into SHP file with Dxf2shp plugin under Qgis
> How can I detect these modifications and idenfy the nature of them ? Does
> exist another method to create SHP file from DWG ?
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dear Clothilde, 
very often there will be no change in geometries of your features - as long
as no arcs or curves are included in your CAD file (dwg or dxf). If there
are arcs or curves, they have to be approached with a set of straight lines
as shapefiles allow only simple geometries and cannot save curves. Thus you
might get similar but more or less different geometries if you convert CAD
data to shapefile format. 

To avoid this issue you may use e.g the Geopackage format as a modern
substitute for stone aged shapefiles or use the dxf format. 

Regards, Christine

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