This looks interesting

I also saw some posts on how to install qgis in a school setting in Norway or 
Denmark (it's vague).  I can't find the site. Does anyone know what I am 
referring to? This was a school with a number of computers and the post 
explained the deployment...

>From my perspective, 15 to 20 installs in a commercial setting, we are very 
>satisfied but we don't have a huge server deployment.  Using a postgis data 
>base would help when working on the same project with multiple users.  


> Le 3 nov. 2016 à 23:24, Grant Boxer [via] 
> <> a écrit :
> I am using QGIS in a single stand-alone situation and I was wondering what 
> examples there are of medium to large corporations using QGIS as their GIS 
> platform and what issues you need to be aware of in large multi-user QGIS 
> situations?
> Grant Boxer
> Perth, Western Australia
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