Hi Nyall,

Very interesting.  I have a few comments. Where would go If I wanted to 
encourage more the development of the the new raster calculator for qgis 3 (one 
that is  multithreaded, GPU enabled and huge raster ready)? This is a real game 
stopper for using qgis with Lidar data.   I have help with the bugs but can I 
do more?

I see that lots of stuff below is moved to the processing plugin. I have been 
continually having problems with this in a multiple user environment where I am 
stuck deleting the processing plugin folder for every user in a machine every 
time I do an install.  That means that if 6 users have use a single machine, I 
need to delete the processing folder 6 times as more often then not, I end up 
with old and new versions of the processing algorithms on the same computer.  
Are you planing to change this or to have some kind of version checker when a 
users run Qgis after an update?

It also would be nice to do QGIS update from within QGIS and the option to 
export QGIS to a USB key (without having to change a big bunch of variables). 
That would make it easier for I user that do not have admin rights.


> Le 7 nov. 2016 à 20:24, Nyall Dawson [via OSGeo.org] 
> <ml-node+s1560n5294735...@n6.nabble.com> a écrit :
> Hi all, 
> Discussion is currently underway concerning the future of a number of 
> the plugins which come preinstalled with QGIS. 
> This concerns the plugins: 
> - coordinate capture 
> - evis 
> - geometry_checker 
> - georeferencer 
> - heatmap 
> - interpolation 
> - offline editing 
> - oracle raster 
> - raster terrain analysis 
> - road graph 
> - spatial query 
> - topology checker 
> If you're an active user of any of these plugins, your feedback would 
> be greatly appreciated. You can join the discussion over at: 
> https://github.com/qgis/qgis3.0_api/issues/67
> Note that a number of preinstalled plugins have already been removed 
> in 3.0 - specifically: 
> - geometry snapper: was generalised to work with all layer types and 
> moved to a processing algorithm 
> - zonal statistics: was moved to a processing algorithm 
> - dxf2shp converter: was removed from QGIS - this conversion is better 
> handled outside of QGIS, eg by using OGR tools directly. 
> Nyall 
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