Siki Zoltan wrote
> you can share your shape files (.shp, .shx, .dbf) simply giving the files
> to your collegues. To share a QGIS project file with ArcGIS users is not
> available. I have heard about QGIS plug-in to read an ArcGIS mxd.

This question comes up from time to time. Many of us would appreciate if
they were able to exchange complete rendering/styling definitions with
ArcGIS users or applications. Have an eye on that, but all what I found up
to now did not work really. If somebody can disconfirm this: very welcome
!!! But as long as ESRI does not support such an approach, we shouldn't
exspect to get it. 

So, Ahmed, you may easily exchange your files, but your collegue is supposed
to style them on his own. 

Regards, Christine

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