Hi all!
Just curious if everyone thinks that moving everything to processing is the 
best solutions for everything. I’m want correct geometries in our PostGIS 
database and want also my not that experienced GIS users to check geometry 
before saving. The old tool in QGIS 2.14 creates a simple list of every error. 
By clicking on the error you get zoomed to the error. You correct the error and 
then hit the OK button to rerun the evaluation and get an new hopefully smaller 
list and save the edits. A smooth workflow. I suppose the new tool in 
processing does the same. But it’s more difficult. It pollutes your project 
with temporary layers for every run. And it is more clicking to find the 
errors. Or is there a better way to do this? I guess that if you do a lot of 
data manipulation/analysis/processing with input and output data this is a good 
approach but my focus is more often maintaining/updating/editing data. Then it 
gets more complicated.

Karl-Magnus Jönsson │GIS-utvecklare
Miljö- och samhällsbyggnadsförvaltningen, avd. Geografisk information
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