Il 17/11/2016 14:34, Karl-Magnus Jönsson ha scritto:

> Just curious if everyone thinks that moving everything to processing is
> the best solutions for everything. I’m want correct geometries in our
> PostGIS database and want also my not that experienced GIS users to
> check geometry before saving. The old tool in QGIS 2.14 creates a simple
> list of every error. By clicking on the error you get zoomed to the
> error. You correct the error and then hit the OK button to rerun the
> evaluation and get an new hopefully smaller list and save the edits. A
> smooth workflow. I suppose the new tool in processing does the same. But
> it’s more difficult. It pollutes your project with temporary layers for
> every run. And it is more clicking to find the errors. Or is there a
> better way to do this? I guess that if you do a lot of data
> manipulation/analysis/processing with input and output data this is a
> good approach but my focus is more often maintaining/updating/editing
> data. Then it gets more complicated.

Hi Karl,
this seems a reasonable thought to me. Could you please forward it to
qgis-dev, where more people can authoritatively comment on this?
All the best, and thanks.

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