I'm sorry if my question is out of the main topics - my current employer would like to buy drone. They would like to use it for "registration" such things as (for example) - small areas without trees in dense forest, that were cut (it's not a national park, but normal typical forest -> so here we have timber harvest etc.); here is link to Google Maps, that shows what I mean -


Normally I (or someone else) must walk with gps receiver, then digitize that "holes" in qgis. The idea is to use drone for that - and here is my question - what would you recommend? - I know the max. acceptable price is about 2300 usd, but it's better to assume 1200 usd. I think my employer would be already happy if such "drone" just make aerial photos that can be used for mapping, I don't think that my company would like to have some 3d data (DEM, DSM).

Thanks for any hints

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