I've got a question.

I'm doing some work for a forestry client where I need to digitize a road 650 feet long. So....Advanced Digitizing Panel to the rescue.


I'm on 2.14.9 (windows) and 2.18.1 (windows and Linux).

 * On 2.14.9 the panels appears with all the correct icons and things -
   but it has "Error" at the top.
 * On 2.18.1 (Windows and Linux) - I get "CAD Tools are not enabled for
   the current map tool".

In both cases I've enabled editing, disabled editing, created a scratch layer, set a layer in PostGIS, etc - and I can't get it to enable. On Linux I moved my .qgis2 folder to .qgis2-old to create a new one and nothing.

Usually by this point I would think bug - but I still half think it's me.

Advice? Angst? Questions? Answers?


Randal Hale
North River Geographic Systems, Inc
423.653.3611 rjh...@northrivergeographic.com

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