OK. I am new to QGIS, but not so new to GIS in general.

Using 2.14.7 Essen and working through the QGIS-2.14-UserGuide-en.pdf

and a tutorial that I found on the web (Treglia_QGIS_Tutorial_2_12.pdf)

I have 3 problems (so far!)

1)When setting Relations (in the Project Properties) and creating a new

Relation with a name but nothing else, QGIS throws a dump (30+ meg)

and sometimes simply quits at that time.

Getting past this, so far I haven’t been able to see anything useful with

this feature.

2)Occasionally, when attempting to set symbology properties for a

Polygon shape file, QGIS starts treating the shape file like a LINE shape.

Even though it is a Polygon, only allowing line type symbology. It also

does NOT display anything of the data while doing this.

I am certain that it is a Polygon;for a while it did display the layer and

allowed me to set a fill color.

Additionally, it allowed me to make a data column and fill it with $area,

which I assume that it would not allow if it was an unclosed line.

The only work-around that I can find is to remove the offending layer

and to bring it back into the project. If you have already placed in into

the Print Composer, this is more than a little inconvenient.

3)Using the Print Composer, I built a map, then built an inset map to

show the big picture.When I attempted to export the composition, as

image, pdf or jpg it seems to refresh all of the maps on the page.This

makes it impossible to create the composition a single page production


I have not found any work-around for this.

This last item, with no work-around, is a show stopper.


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