Hi Grant,
I do understand.
At first you can choose between decimal, degree/min , Dec/min/sec. That part 
one of the solutions.
Secondly you can use the offset. Simply take the minutes eg 42 and divide it 
with 60 in the x box write 42/60. It will then change the value to 0,7 and the 
grid will show as you wish.

Lene Fischer
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Hi Lene,

I have played around with these settings but my problem is getting QGIS to plot 
a grid with a specific value (say 123 deg 42 min for example), not as an 
automatic selection (123 deg 42.7 min) based on the interval (which is in 
decimal degrees). Ideally what I need it to do is to plot the grid at a 
specific minute spacing, not a decimal degree spacing.

Hope that makes sense!

Cheers Grant

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Hi Grant,
In the Print Composer>Item Properties>Map you can find Grids / Draw Grid/ Draw 
Here you can specify the CRS and the format of the coordinates.

Here a quick video for an example (Sorry forgot to turn on the mic): 

Lene Fischer
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Subject: [Qgis-user] Lat/Long Grids
Is there a way to draw a geographic grid with degrees-min with exact minutes? I 
don't seem to be able to find the option to specify the degrees-minutes option 
when displaying coordinates in the map composer. I get decimal degrees-minutes 
with odd decimal grid values (e.g. 16deg 42.7' for example). The interval is 
only displayed in decimal degrees. Is there an option to specify the minute 

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