There are two plugins that I know of that do something very similar to what
you want, but I'm not sure if they could be adapted to your specific use
case. Both perform network analyses.

The first one is Space Syntax Toolkit, and what you are looking for is
called "Choice" in the set of measures generated. More specifically, I
believe you would want to use "weighted" choice using the weight data, and
assign value 0 to all segments that do not have any direct weight. Maybe
you could do a pilot test to check if the results are coherent. I have a
lot of experience with this plugin and could try to help you in any
specific issue.

The other is sDNA and I think you'll want to use betweenness measure.
Unfortunately, I do not have much experience with this one, but it seems
more complete than the other and has a better documentation.

Hope it helps.

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On 15 January 2017 at 19:07, rossnixon <> wrote:

> I don't know if the following can be solved with a QGIS plugin. In MapInfo
> it
> requires a 1500 Euro add-on.
> But perhaps someone has had a similar problem in the past? Maybe with road
> networks, or watercourse volumes?
> I would like to calculate the total 'weight' of goods which will travel
> across *each* road section.
> Goods will arrive at the closest road section, and then travel along
> subsequent road sections to the destination. So, road sections nearest the
> destination will have multiple loads travelling over it which need to be
> added together. Example image attached.
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