I think this can be solved in two stages:

1. Given the transport network, source and destination locations, a shortest path calculation run repeatedly should generate a series of routes. Commonly these functions output the route in terms of a list of the network sections to follow.

Options for doing this calculation in QGIS include: PostGIS (pgRouting), Spatialite, GRASS v.net functions, QGIS Road Graph plugin

2. Once the routes have been generated, then they can be combined and summarised to generate the total weight traversing each network section, which would probably be as a new table that would be joined back to the network. This step could be done within a database (PostGres, Spatialite etc.), in core QGIS, or even Excel.



On 15/01/2017 21:07, rossnixon wrote:
I don't know if the following can be solved with a QGIS plugin. In MapInfo it
requires a 1500 Euro add-on.
But perhaps someone has had a similar problem in the past? Maybe with road
networks, or watercourse volumes?

I would like to calculate the total 'weight' of goods which will travel
across *each* road section.
Goods will arrive at the closest road section, and then travel along
subsequent road sections to the destination. So, road sections nearest the
destination will have multiple loads travelling over it which need to be
added together. Example image attached.

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