For those of you who don’t know yet: The GeoPython 2017 conference takes place 
in Basel, Switzerland May 8 to 10, 2017.

The call for talks/workshops is extended until February 15, 2017. It would be 
great to have some QGIS+Python related workshops / talks at the conference.

This year the event is organized again by the University of Applied Sciences 
Northwestern Switzerland and PyBasel - the local Python User Group and 
supported by the Python Software Foundation (PSF).

More info is available at<>

Conference topics are:

- Python in General

- GIS / Mapping

- Geography / Geophysics / Geodesy / Geomatics

- Earth Sciences / Environmental Sciences

- Geovisualization

- Smart Cities

- Spatial Data / Geodata

- Geospatial Webservices

- Big Data

- Data Processing

- (Spatial) Databases

- Computer Vision

- Remote Sensing

- Image Processing

- Machine Learning

Kind regards,

Martin Christen

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