Thanks, we'll add this.
All the best.

Il 2 febbraio 2018 15:48:47 WET, Richard McDonnell <> 
ha scritto:
>Very nice use of QGIS's extensive styling, If I may add my two cents, 
>see attached style tweak, which uses the move Label tool to fine tune 
>positioning of your Dimensions.
>To work, it requires you to create your Dimension Layer with two 
>attributes *dim_x* and *dim_y*, create the line as before, but use the 
>move text tool to locate the text where you want. The dimension Line 
>will follow....though depending on what direction you draw the
>On 02/02/2018 12:28, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>> Il 02/02/2018 10:41, Richard Duivenvoorde ha scritto:
>>> On 01-02-18 21:16, DelazJ wrote:
>>>> This deserves either a blog post or being published in the
>>>> Sharing" plugin!
>>> Yes, hear hear. This looks great! Nice idea (Juergen?)!!
>>> Please Paolo, show it off, blog about it on :-)
>> I'm so pleased by this enthusiastic feedback, thanks.
>> We'll try to write something.
>> All the best.
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