On 14 February 2018 at 22:26, Enrico Fiore <enricofi...@libero.it> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have noticed that QGIS 2.18.16 has strange behavior, that I'm going to try
> to explain.
> The view freezes for 3 - 4 seconds after zooming or dezooming action.
> View freezing happen only if in the Project there is a specific layer with
> categorized style (the same layer with single simbol style doesn't cause the
> problem).
> The layer has 130421 feature (point) and 2381 items in the legend (after
> have applied the style) and the datasource is db (The problem raised happens
> both with data deriving from Oracle and PostgreSQL database).

Let me guess - it's a point layer?

> The behaviour didn't happen in qgis 2.8.4.
> Has anyone experienced the same problem ?
> Can be a bug?

Yes, it is.

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