On 22 February 2018 at 01:31, McDonaldR <mcdona...@angus.gov.uk> wrote:
> Hi List
> This issue (https://issues.qgis.org/issues/15132) refers to using the
> @symbol_color function to make the outline of graduated/categorised features
> the same colour as the fill.  There is a fix by Nyall from over a year ago
> but I wonder if there has been a regression?
> I am using both the latest 2.99 master and 2.18.16 64-bit versions on
> Windows 7 and if I render a polygon layer using the categorised or graduated
> renderer and set the outline colour using @symbol_color then the legend
> doesn’t reflect the style shown on the map. The features are rendered
> correctly (I like using “darker(@symbol_color,150)”) on the map canvas and
> the print composer but the legend in the table of contents and on the
> composer layout show the default outline colour.

This has never been supported - all data defined properties don't
currently play well with the layer tree or map legends (and never
have). Maybe something for 3.2...

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