On 01-03-18 00:24, Tobias Wendorff wrote:
> Hi there,
> Currently measurements are done on the ellipsoid the current CRS is
> based on. That's not useful in all cases.
> Question 1: Is it possible to freely choose an ellipsoid for measurements?
> Question 2: Is it possible to measure on the projection screen and
> not on the ellipsoid? Different applications require a measurement
> on the projection and ellipsoid distance can give wrong results.
> Question 3: Within ETRS89, there are formulas for distance correction
> in national surveying (at least in Germany). It would be nice if you
> could define a formula in the settings how the distance and areas are
> calculated. I am currently using a workaround where I draw lines and
> calculate the distances with a Python tool. That's pretty awkward.

Hi Tobias,

not sure you found it yourself, but in a saved project, go to Project
Properties | General. There you can define either one of A LOT
ellipsoid's OR choose None/Planimetric, and choose which unit to use.

Does this answer your question?


Richard Duivenvoorde
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