Hey everyone,

I am new to QGIS and GIS and general and I hope to find some answers for my

First I want to create my own map with an own coordinate system in QGIS.
For this I am working with the training manual right now to get a good
overview of everything QGIS has to offer.
Afterwards I want to transfer this map on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. From
what I heard, others already got this done and I think this should also be
possible for me.

What my question is now about, is that I want to receive position data
(coordinates) from another program (not a GPS) on the raspberry and track
that position on my map. Even better with a visualization on my desktop.
Another thing I want to do is something like a navigation system, where I
can give coordinates to the map and get a live navigation back from it.

Is something like pushing your own Position data on the map while being
online generally possible?

How should I start working on it and where might I find more Information
about that?

I hope I am even at the right place here for this. If not I am sorry and
hope you guys will correct me!


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