Hello Marco!

Am 12.04.2018 um 08:31 schrieb Marco Dinges:
> What my question is now about, is that I want to receive position
> data (coordinates) from another program (not a GPS) on the raspberry
> and track that position on my map. Even better with a visualization
> on my desktop. Another thing I want to do is something like a
> navigation system, where I can give coordinates to the map and get a
> live navigation back from it.
> Is something like pushing your own Position data on the map while
> being online generally possible?
> How should I start working on it and where might I find more
> Information about that?

Sounds like you should look into a gpsd, which usually provides
(network) APIs for GPS data, but you should be able to push your own
data through it (maybe only geographical coordinates), included tools
like gpsfake come to my mind for a quick start.

Then you can use the standard GPS input in QGIS (or one of the many
other tools able to listen to gpsd).

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