On 12-04-18 09:07, Tobias Wendorff wrote:
> Am Do, 12.04.2018, 08:52 schrieb Frank Broniewski:
>> I did have a rummage through the qgis_de.qm file with QT Linguist and
>> could not find any missing translation strings. This is why I think
>> the translation issue is not related to the translation itself, but
>> must be located somewhere else.
> There's an older discussion about this:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31533019/title-qt-how-to-translate-the-buttons-in-qmessagebox
> After watching in QGIS code (and while not being a Qt-coder), I can
> see several places, where "QMessageBox::StandardButton" or
> "QMessageBox.Yes | QMessageBox.No" are being used. While some guys
> write that Qt is fully translated, others write that a work-around is
> needed for the QMessageBox buttons.
> This might be the reason, why sometimes the buttons are translated
> and sometimes they're not.

Had a quick look, while normally I use QGIS in english, if I start in
dutch I see in debug msg:

../src/app/main.cpp: 1201: (main) [2ms] loading of qt translation failed

So (as told in the stackoverflow answer) you really need Qt5's OWN
translations besides the QGIS translations to have these things translated.

Searching for qt_nl.qm on my machine it was missing, BUT I found a
qt_de.qm... so starting qgis with '--lang de' I have the right button I
think (see german vs dutch screenie).

So conclusion:
- IF qt-translations is installed, you should not see english OK buttons,
- UNLESS there is just no qt translation (apparently not for dutch/nl,
we should work on that!)

So in the case of osgeo4w, it looks like a packaging issue?


Richard Duivenvoorde
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