Nicolas is right. There is  good chance the topology is a bit messed up. You 
can spend Lot of time fixing it up so I would suggest downloading the gis 
basmap layers from the pei government website. There us a large scale database 
for Charlottetown  (1:2000) that will work better for you. Just search gis 
database pei.KirkSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
-------- Original message --------From: Nicolas Cadieux 
<> Date: 2020-03-25  12:35 PM  (GMT-04:00) To: 
Tyler Veinot <> Cc: QGIS User List 
<> Subject: Re: [Qgis-user] Isochrones Hi,The first 
thing I would do is to check the network integrity.  Perhaps some road are not 
connected (snapped).  You also need a snap and break at every intersection. You 
can do some of this by exporting all the end node. Check for multiline vs 
lines. You can split all of those in the vector menu.  Your problems are likely 
linked to a bad network topology. Users of that network could perhaps confirm 
this? I have used it but not for this type of stuff.Nicolas Cadieux> Le 25 mars 
2020 à 10:22, Tyler Veinot <> a écrit :> > > All;> I 
have a network, Canada National Road Network it is a free download, that I am 
trying to use for PEI and the City of Charlottetown to find out what area is 
within X time of various points of interest. I used Here for QGIS to get the 
initial result but QGIS has a tool built in Network Analyst that has Service 
Area from Network and from Point, also and QNEAT that has 6 isochrone tools for 
doing exactly what I am trying to do. For some reason though the results don't 
seem to match the network. I would expect the from the point of origin the 
shortest times to be along the lines and radiate out. > What tools are you guys 
using to do this kind of work? Do my values for forward backward both direction 
need to be numeric? Any tutorials on using these tools?> Thanks;> Tyler> 
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