Micha Silver wrote:
Just installed 0.8 on windows and it looks friggin terrific!

Is there still a problem with the measuring tool? (I recall a post a year back about this). I am in our local transverse meracator projection (Israel ITM, SRID 2039). THe project is set to that projection and the layers are recognized in the correct projection. But clicking on either measure button, the warning message comes up regarding "... geographic coordinate system..." and the resulting numbers are way off.

Measure tool basically only works reliably when projection is turned on.
Scale bar and measure tool has different way of considering measuring.

I propose a unified measure model, where MapCanvas contain a QgsMeasure object which can be used by both measure tool, scale bar and scale indication (at the coorindates). I also propose that "map units" will direclty follow by projection. If it's a +proj=longlat (such as 2585) it will be shown as degrees. If it's a projected ( +proj=utm, etc) it will be in meters (or feet).

The projection used to determine scale/measurement will be project projection (if turned on) or active layer(???) if off.

I was goping to have a second look at the problme tonite, but as Micha brought it up... :-)

This will in that case be implemented in 0.9 only.

Sorry for the cross-mail. I will be on #qgis of a couple of hours.

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