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> > Apologies if this is too basic (or long) for this list.
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> > I have downloaded some SRTM tiles (version 2 from
> > ftp://e0srp01u.ecs.nasa.gov/srtm/), and I am particularly  
> > interested in
> > N038W002 (Murcia, southeastern Spain).  I have some problems that I
> > don't know how to solve, and the User Guide doesn't give enough detail
> > to figure them out.

QGIS (AFAIK) does not support 3D displays of terrain models. It can display
vector (point/line/polygon) and georeferenced raster (terrain models, imagery)
in 2D (from above) only- basically a plan view.

To use SRTM data with QGIS, I believe you'll need to generate georeferenced
images from the SRTM terrain model, or download such imagery. GRASS & GMT can
generate such imagery from the SRTM model. QGIS does not have the analytical
capabilities to do this (yet). 
For Open Source GIS type tools to display 3D data, in 3D, I've used GRASS
(NVIZ) and OpenDX. Note that GMT can render a 3D view of a terrain model, but
just generates the single image, it does not provide the ability to view &
rotate the model in a virtual 3D space on screen, but this generally is better
for publication quality cartography than the others which provide better on
screen vizualisation.

A package like VIZ5D may also do what you want.

see these for examples/info:



  Brent Wood
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