Brent Wood wrote:

QGIS (AFAIK) does not support 3D displays of terrain models. It can display
vector (point/line/polygon) and georeferenced raster (terrain models, imagery)
in 2D (from above) only- basically a plan view.

Whoops! I guess I missed that very simple piece of information! Sorry about that.

To use SRTM data with QGIS, I believe you'll need to generate georeferenced
images from the SRTM terrain model, or download such imagery. GRASS & GMT can
generate such imagery from the SRTM model. QGIS does not have the analytical
capabilities to do this (yet).
As said elsewhere on the list, I don't really need to be able to see the data as 3D (except that it will impress my advisors), and I don't plan to try and print anything other than flat images in the final product. I presume that if I have the information in the file, generated using one of the methods above, that I can still use the elevation data in calculations of things like visibility or slope via qGIS? Or am I really better off using GRASS by itself?

Thank you all very much for your help and patience.

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