Hi Marco

Thanks for the feedback. Actually we normally ask the person who
*finds* the error to report it :-) The reason for this is simple - if
we need more information on how to replicate the bug, sample data,
other info etc, we need to be able to get this info from the person
who originally reported it.

Please feel free to file your bug using the bug tracker system at the
following URL:


Mark the bug as Version 0.8.1 Milestone 0.8.1. Note that since we are
close to releasing 0.8.1 we may not have time to fix the issue prior
to the release and may defer fixing it until 0.8.2.



2007/3/2, Marco Lechner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Hi list,

I'm having a few problems with my WMS service using QGIS as client. May
be anyone has a few hints or ideas:

Using QGIS 0.8.0 on opensuse:

- a polygon layer doesn't show with transparency - even though it is
implemented in the WMS and it works with other clients, the transparency
as  well is not adjustable using the properties menu (well i can change
it to 50% but it dioesn't change the view) - the transparency works very
nice, if I use the WMS-feeding postgis-service directly.
[projection on runtime is activated]

Using QGIS0.8.1preview2 (pretty fresh installation with complete
uninstall of 0.8.1p1) on WinXP:

- while zooming in a WMS-raster or vektor layer an error message appears:
msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): WMS server error. Image size out of range,
WIDTH and HEIGHT must be between 1 and 2048 pixels.

This is probably due to a bug in the QGIS program. Please report this error.

Tried URL:

- get FeatureInfo doesn't return any results using the WMS (works, if I
use the WMS-feeding postgis-service directly)
- projection on runtime is activated, but layers show up at different
places while loading the same layer via WMS and the WMS-feeding
postgis-service (the wms layer is displaced, it works using QGIS 0.8.0
on opensuse)

Any ideas, hints, solutions, explanations?

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