On 12 Sep 2003 at 13:00, BRANE wrote:

> O.K. I'm not following this thread from beginning, so I don't know exactly
> what hardware are we talking about, but for this detail, it probably doesn't
> matter much...
> So, what is a solution ? Using external interrupt ? Maybe a bit bulkier
> controller with built-in Ethernet ?

1. My recent problem is a timing-related bug when the full 
datarate is used. It is yet unclear where it comes from, so the 
solution is also unknown. The lazy workaround is to poll the 
controller only every 20 ms. Using ISR's brings no advantage 
compared to this (due to a QDOS-specific shortcoming).

2. Unrelated to this problem, QDOS could use an improvement so 
ISRs can trigger immediate rescheduling of jobs. Given this 
improvement, it makes sense to implement the driver with ISR IOT 
gain a cleaner driver structure. Wether or not this would have 
the side effect to cure the aforementioned bug is unclear.

A hardware change is not required.

All the best

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