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Op Sat, 02 Jan 2016 16:46:55 +0100 schreef pjwitte <pjwi...@online.no>:

Traditional seasons' greatings implied..

Recently Windoze 10 has started messing with QPC2: When I put my
machine to sleep with QPC2 in fullscreen mode in the background it
wakes up with QPC2 in a catatonic state: No display, no response.

Anyone suffering the same? Any known remedies?


I have had the same problem with W$7 but not recently.
Having QPC2 open full screen (windowed) could have been a factor.
I now always buttonise QPC2 before letting W$ fall asleep or slumber,
which is also more energy efficient.

I also did find that having the keyboard set to SMSQ/E in the config
screen doesn't agree well with sleep mode. When W$ is then woken the
change is that the QPC2 keys produce rubbish, then the only solution
is to kill QPC2. When set to WINDOWS keys this is not the case.

I have no experience with W$10, yet.


Thanks Bob. The thing is that everything worked fine until it suddenly stopped working (consistently) for a period of a few weeks. It hasnt happened again since the day I posted to this list so perhaps you guys have been praying/meditating very hard, bombarding my system with positive vibes ;) in which case my thanks are implied to the degree appropriate in each instance..


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