On 02/01/2016 18:21, Norman Dunbar wrote:
> On 2 January 2016 15:46:55 GMT+00:00, pjwitte <pjwi...@online.no> wrote:
>     Traditional seasons' greatings implied..
>     Recently Windoze 10 has started messing with QPC2: When I put my
>     machine to sleep with QPC2 in fullscreen mode in the background it
>     wakes up with QPC2 in a catatonic state: No display, no response.
>     Anyone suffering the same? Any known remedies?
>     Per
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> Many versions of SUSE ago, I used to get the same thing with QPC. I
> put it down to running it under WINE and just made sure it never slept.
> I've not had it for ages with SUSE or Linux Mint.
> Not much help I'm afraid. Sorry.
> Implied greetings to you too. 😃
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Yo! Norman. Does QPC2 still work under current versions of Wine? My only valid Linux installation ATM is on RasPi - too slow to be worth testing. Almost every year I reconsider whether its worth emigrating to Linux, but its just such a hassel. And tho different, to me there seems to be as much to hate in both systems. (Apple can hardly be considered an option for grownups and has silly hardware restrictions.) Makes me wonder whether I might outlive QDOS/SMSQ <shudder>


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