On 01/04/2016 08:35 AM, pjwitte wrote:
Almost every year I reconsider whether its worth emigrating to Linux,
but its just such a hassel

I'm using Lubuntu 14.X and my migration from Windows XP was quite smooth. At the time I was using all Open Source tools that are also cross platform:
   Firefox for web browser
   Open Office for Word processor, spreadsheet
   Thunderbird for e-mail
   Scribus for DTP
   DOSbox for old DOS programs
   SMSQMulator for QL emulation

The things that I had to get were:
    Xfburn for burning CD's
    Asunder for CD ripping
    Handbrake for DVD ripping

All the software I installed from scratch. For Thunderbird, I moved the large mailbox file from one node to another and I had my config and old e-mails.

I'm using both Qemualtor and QPC2 under Wine. I don't use QPC2 that much, but it works when I use it.

I used Lubuntu because I like LXDE desktop environment. Other distributions might have it too.

Tim Swenson

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