Thank You Jan

All clear!

So I need to verify my Qubide Hard Disk
with Partitio.exe
I don't remember with what block length I formatted
that partition


Il 23.07.2017 17:21 Jan Bredenbeek via Ql-Users
ha scritto: 

> The QDOS file system stores the file position in the
channel definition
> block as two 16-bit words - one for the block
number and one for the byte
> position within one block. So, when using
512-byte blocks, the maximum file
> length will be 65535*512 bytes or
just under 32MB (or 16MB when using
> signed arithmetic). When using 2K
byte blocks, the limit will be 128 or
> 64MB respectively.
> I know
mdv and flp use 512-byte block size and ED flp have 2K byte sectors
but I'm not sure if the latter also uses 2K blocks. The same goes for
(virtual) win drives - sectors are usually grouped to keep the map
> limits but I don't know off-hand if that also affects the block
size (it
> might as well be 512 bytes, depending on the driver).
This use of word-sized block numbers within QDOS is an unfortunate
> flaw - as is the standard FS.MDINF trap which returns
word-sized sector
> counts - but could TT back in 1984 foresee that
within five years there
> would be a storage medium for the QL that
surpassed the 32MB limit? In the
> PC world there are multiple examples
of this - remember the 32MB partition
> size limit in DOS 3.3, then the
528MB limit on CHS-addressed hard disks,
> and the initial 128GB limit
on LBA which was supposed to 'fix' CHS.
> Storage capacity has grown
so much that any 'X MB ought to be enough for
> everybody' design
decision has proven wrong eventually...
> -- *Jan Bredenbeek* |
Hilversum, NL | [1]
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