If I understand the circumstances correctly, I would handle the chicken and egg problem differently.

The circumstances are that you're trying to develop a BOOT program, which loads a certain set of extensions. You want to avoid loading the extensions again if the BOOT program is run again in the same session. I stress that this is a BOOT program, i.e. at some time it is really the first program to be started.

I would then definitely use a small toolkit (several have been proposed here) which checks for the presence of specific keywords.

To get around the chicken and egg problem of finding out whether this toolkit is loaded, I'd do the following:

Check what version of machine/OS you're using, this enables you to get at the system variables, the address of which you put into a variable called sysvar_address. Then use this function:

def proc load_checking_toolkit (sysvars_address)
local a,is_loaded
  is_loaded=peek_l (sysvars_address + 372)
  if not is_loaded
     lbytes <toolkit>,a
     call a
     poke_l sysvars_address + 372,1
end def load_checking_toolkit

If you run this when the machine is just started up, the address at sysvars + 372 will be 0. This is true for SMSQE, QDOS ans Minerva.

Under SMSQE, this one of the rare unused addresses in the system variables, so if you poke 1 into there you know that your boot program has already run once.

Under QDOS/Minerva, this may eventually be filled up as and when channels are opened - but then you also know that you already ran the BOOt program.


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