Hi all,

before placing orders, please take this into consideration:

1. The Q68 is not a high-end machine like the Q60 in terms of speed.
   If in doubt, please wait for benchmarks.

2. I developed the Q68 strictly as a hobby project, absolutely for free,
   and support will be only by communitly forum or mailing list.

3. There can be no promise of ethernet software drivers, although
   I would like them for myself, building upon my QLwIP project.

4. Documentation may come delayed, or in limited fashion.

All the best

Derek Stewart via Ql-Users wrote:
> Q68 Price List - Batch 1
> -----------------------------------
> Q68 board, 4Gb SDHC Card, SMSQ/E: £150.00
> Black Case: £20
> Belkin Black PS/2 spliter: £2.00
> General Release date: 09/10/2017
> 20 completed and tested Q68 boards, available.
> Once this quantity is exceeded, I will order more Q68 PCBs to be 
> manufactured.
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