Hi Gerhard,

>> 3. There can be no promise of ethernet software drivers, although
>>    I would like them for myself, building upon my QLwIP project.
> Tell me(us) more about your QLwIP project (no need of inventing diversity of 
> projects)

QLwIP is a combination of

- A QDOS native TCP/IP Stack
- QDOS native drivers for SER (SLIP) and ethernet (Q40 & Q60)
- Text mode Webbrowser
- Mail client (SMTP & POP3)
- Webserver

I did most of the work about 15 years ago and have publicly demonstrated
that QLwIP works, but never finished it to public release for various
reasons. If I find the time someday, I could adapt it to Q68 and SMSQ/E.
Since the Q68 ethernet hardware differs a lot from the Q40/Q60, this
driver part must be rewritten.

Also there are new difficulties, like the fact that most email providers
no longer offer unencrypted SMTP & POP3 access.

So, no promise.

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