The new wiki allows you to subscribe to a page, or pages, and receive an email 
either every time that the page changes, or, one email, every day that the page 
changes,  with details of all the changes made that day.

So, for example, you want to know when changes happen to the C68 page:

* Open the C68 page.
* Click the "spanner/wrench" button at the top, then select "Manage 
* Ensure that the page "qlwiki:C68" is selected, but you can subscribe to every 
change in the "qlwiki" name space by selecting that option instead.
* Choose your email desires - an email for every change, or, a daily email 
digest when the page(s) change. I would suggest the latter.
* Click the "Subscribe" button.

If you are subscribed to some pages already, they will show up at the top of 
the page. You will see your chosen email options for each page subscribed to, 
and an "unsubscribe" link.

Now instead of checking the page every 5 minutes looking for changes, you just 
need to watch your inbox.

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