What's happening?

I have successfully compiled a new version of my program.
That's to say, there were no errors reported by BasicLinker or Qlibeator.
But when the _obj is executed nothing seems to happen, no menu to act on.
It's there in the JOBS list but no channels were opened for it.
When I then kill this job it has the effect that the QD with the programs _bas can no longer produce lists of my Procs and FNs from the C-F6 to C-F8 buttons or keys.

When killing this QD I did get a strange channel error:
 "at line 2430:1 invalid channel ID"
This was from the clock_bas executing in the background.
When SMSQ/E was RESET this produced a similar error in my BOOT file.

These errors were not given every time but after what looked like a proper reset, an newly started QD still did not do C-F6/F8.
The QPC2 job has to be restarted before QD behaves normal again.

Under SMSQmulator the _obj also executes without opening any windows but the QD anomaly doesn't seem to happen there.

I understand that my source _bas is faulty but what can cause such an upset and where do I start looking for a fix?
Executed from QD/Sbas the program runs fine.


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