Good morning Derek

What a nightmare for you - we wish you a speedy recovery.

If there is still room left on your first 20 for Q68, could I ask to be added (incl. the black case, but no need for the PS/2 splitter).



On 20/10/2017 09:00, Derek Stewart via Ql-Users wrote:
There will be a slight delay in the availability of the Q68, which I stated in a previous message to be available on 09/10/2017

I have had medical problems, I went into hospital on 22/9/17, to have a throat operation. This should of been a one day operation.

But there was a problem with the procedure they used and I ended up having a Tracheotomy Tube inserted into my airway to keep me alive.

I stayed in The Royal Liverpool Hospital Intensive Care Unit for 12 days attached to a ventilator, which was assisting my breathing.

The tube was removed and I was discharged home, to the care of a visiting District Nurse. The nurse changes the dressings daily.

I have been home for 2 weeks and just now, starting to regain my strength and concentration.

There was a notice posted on the QL Forum, regarding the delay, which obviously did not get to everyone.

The new date will be 06/11/2017.

Here is the link to the notice:

I am sorry for the delay, I will try to update everyone on a regular basis.

With regards to availability of the Q68. I have created a list of people who showed interest in date order. Which I will contact to arrange the sale of the Q68.

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