Hi All,

The 14th Sinclair QL Italian meeting will take place on Sunday 5th November
2017 at DTM Technologies premises in Modena. We will start around 10:00 and
the meeting will continue till 17:00 with a break of one hour for lunch.
Information about how to reach the meeting place by car or public transport
can be found clicking
here: http://www.dtm.it/home.php?id=40201&lang=1

As for the last Italian meetings we will organize educational sessions, we
will have presentation of ongoing projects in Italy and we will organize
web-ex conferences open also to international users. Details on how to
connect to the web-ex conference will be provided separately to the
interested persons. An open web-ex session is planned between 11:00 and
12:00 (Central European Time GMT+1 hour) but another session can also be
planned in the afternoon if there will be interest.

For information and support: Davide Santachiara er...@libero.it Mobile +39
328 9454484

Web info and updates:  Davide Santachiara web site: www.sinclairql.it
Giorgio Garabello web site (Quantum Technology):

Anybody who would like to give presentations of ongoing or new projects is
very welcome, just contact me privately.

Thank you

Best regards


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