If Ive sinned, Norm, please forgive. Are you refering to anything I did? I ax cause I havent noticed the problem, so perhaps I missed something? Anyway, enjoy your wine, although I would have thought a hot toddy would bring more cheer after your wet waddle to Waitrose..

On 14/02/2018 20:40, Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users wrote:
Good Evening All,

my wife is currently in Central America, chasing sloths, and I've been lambasted because she didn't get her Valentine's card. Go figure, it's waiting here for he but that's not good enough - I should have hidden in in her suitcase!

That's just so you know what kind of night I'm having, plus, is pi55ing down and I'm soaked having just (stupidly) decided to walk to the supermarket. And back, with the shopping!

Right, the request...

Please, please, please do not "hijack" a thread. Don't reply to a thread and change the subject to something completely unrelated. Thanks.

It's a complete pain in the backside (see, I'm being polite!) when I miss out on some interesting topics because someone has replied to another thread that I'm not following.

It's especially painful when someone replied to my threads - I don't tend to read my own stuff after the topic has come to a graceful conclusion, so the new topic thread remain hidden within my ramblings. I just noticed a new topic thread hidden in my recent "Assembly language ePeriodical Issue 4" thread.

I use Thunderbird, I have it configured to list emails in threads, and in reverse date order with most recent first. If you start a new thread by replying to another, and change the subject, your threaded topic ends up hidden within the original topic thread and I miss out on stuff!

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest!


PS. Yes, I have had a large glass of crisp white wine tonight! ;-)

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