My dear Marcel

Your write-up on the debugging process is so welcome!

I had been planning to try a monitor, but was unsure how to trap code running in ROM, seeing as you can't set breakpoints there.

So I meandered along in my own naive way instead comparing what source code I had available, disassembly of some parts of the working ROM version and empirical testing :-)

Is QMON yet available as freeware, or otherwise for purchase?

Yours, gratefully...


On 27/02/2018 13:32, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:
Martyn's reply was also sent to the list but probably wasn't published
because it was HTML and my original replay wasn't published because it
came from the wrong sender address... so anyway, here it is once more:

Martyn Hill wrote:

Do you know how long I have been staring at the serio/relio code -
but failed to see that potential flaw?

I shall test by recompiling Minnie an report back here...

Thank you, Marcel, bl**dy genius!!!
Thanks and you're welcome ;) It actually wasn't very difficult so I
have written up a short essay about how I go about debugging this kind
of stuff

It also includes ROM images with the fix. I didn't increase the
version number for now because, well, Minerva is not my project and
we're running out of "sub 2.00" version numbers, which might have
compatibility implications in the future.


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