SERMouse is a software driver from Albin Hessler to connect a serial PC mouse to one of the serial ports SER1 or SER2 of a QL. A specially wired adaptor cable is necessary between the mouse connector and the QL serial port. The driver exists both, in a 2-button mouse (Microsoft mode compatible) and a 3-button mouse (PC mouse systems compatible) version.

Albin Hessler gave Marcel Kilgus permission to release the SerMouse software as freeware, so version 3.04 of the software is currently available. I’ve added it to the Pointer Environment page on my website to download free of charge.

A manual is also available to download in Word and PDF formats, which includes wiring details of the mouse cable adapter needed for QL serial ports. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I don’t know if the manual is for the same version of the mouse software.

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