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Il sab 14 apr 2018, 17:07 Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users <> ha scritto:

> SERMouse is a software driver from Albin Hessler to connect a serial PC
> mouse to one of the serial ports SER1 or SER2 of a QL. A specially wired
> adaptor cable is necessary between the mouse connector and the QL serial
> port. The driver exists both, in a 2-button mouse (Microsoft mode
> compatible) and a 3-button mouse (PC mouse systems compatible) version.
> Albin Hessler gave Marcel Kilgus permission to release the SerMouse
> software
> as freeware, so version 3.04 of the software is currently available. I’ve
> added it to the Pointer Environment page on my website to download free of
> charge.
> A manual is also available to download in Word and PDF formats, which
> includes wiring details of the mouse cable adapter needed for QL serial
> ports. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I don’t know if the manual
> is
> for the same version of the mouse software.
> Download from
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