Qdosmsq is mine, and is nostly software as I am most definitely not a hardware 
guru, nor do I play one on tv.

I helped convert and set up qlwiki.qlforum.co.uk too. We could create a 
hardware namespace, separate from the existing qlwiki namespace for these 



On 16 April 2018 20:14:37 BST, pjwitte via Ql-Users <ql-users@lists.q-v-d.com> 
>On 16/04/2018 18:14, Dave Park via Ql-Users, Re: Graphic objects and 
>padding, wrote:
>> It's almost like we need some kind of public "infobase" or
>> wiki" to make these nuggets easily searchable and reference-able.
>> Where might we find something like that?
>> PS: I offer free web hosting to anyone willing to run it.
>> On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 9:47 AM, pjwitte via Ql-Users <
>> ql-users@lists.q-v-d.com> wrote:
>At present there is 
>http://qdosmsq.dunbar-it.co.uk/doku.php?id=qdosmsq:start, which is a 
>technical wiki. There is also 
>which is more "historical".  There is of course lots more info out 
>there, but it is widely spread around.
>I had rather hoped the relevant people would pipe up here and trumpet 
>their wares! The above request seems like a timely reminder.
>A lot of this passes people by (and as we get older, some of us may 
>need regular refreshers ;-) So it would be great if those of you 
>sitting on valuable information could (re)introduce yourselves and 
>briefly (or not) tell us about the essential hardware and software 
>information you have in custody.
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