Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users wrote:
> new QL-SD drivers for QXL.WIN style container files are on my site
> (wlenerz.com/qlsd).
> These are much improved versions by Marcel Kilgus.
> They should work with later QDOS versions (e.g. JS, MG), Minerva, SMSQ/E.

Thanks Wolfgang. Perhaps a short Whats-New is in order:

- The driver version (currently 1.04) is shown in the ROM message plus a
  message if slot 1 could be initialised or not
- Minerva/QDOS: If a card is found on boot then the device name will be
  briefly changed to MDV so that MDV1_boot can be found and immediately
  renamed back to WIN afterwards
- There was a bug when reading and writing data at the same time. This
  alone should be enough reason to update the driver as it can corrupt
  the image
- Added SGC support code and auto-detection of CPU speed. As said, a
  hardware mod is still needed for full GC/SGC compatibility. But if
  your card worked before it might work even better with this ROM
- CARD_INIT defaults to slot 1 when no parameter is given
- Card changes are detected automatically, so CARD_INIT is basically
  not needed anymore ;)
- WIN2 defaults to QXL.WIN in slot 2, WIN3 defaults to QXL.WIN in slot
  3 (if anybody ever had a slot 3 in the history of QL-SD ;) ). Except
  me and probably Peter, of course
- Added command WIN_CHECK (same as on the Q68) that checks if the image
  file is continuous
- Added SMSQ/E and QDOS compatibility. Only MGG and JS was tested,
  because these were already enough of a pain that I was afraid to
  check out anything older
- Support for multi-block reads, so it should execute your boot file a
  tiny little bit faster

GC only: to get another speed bump load the _BIN driver again in your
boot file, running the driver code from GC-RAM can up the speed
noticably. You can probably run DEL_DEFB afterwards to release the
memory that the ROM driver still held onto (not tested). Or LBYTES the
driver code and issue CARD_INIT before the CALL to the new driver to
release the memory of the ROM driver.

SGC and original QLs do not profit from this, so this is not needed.

Cheers, Marcel

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